Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Devoured by the Flames of Summer

I couldn't sleep one day, so I watched the birth of the roaring sun.

New friends means new trouble to get into. Summer has become synonymous with intensity: intensity of events, intensity of heat in unairconditioned buildings, intensity of plans I make and things I can't plan for.

In the summer, we ride bikes through traffic to parks. We sit near rivers that overlook some of the world's most famous buildings.

This is what my school looks like in these days

And this is what protest looks like. Pratt refuses to hire union workers, so they inflate rats. Meanwhile, us irreverent art students take pictures and laugh.

Weddings introduce me to St. Louis and fine midwestern dining.

Receptions are held in houses that have touched the century mark.

I've even time to stop by the Church of Scientology for a spiritual tour. Funny stuff.

Careful with Pratt cats, they're not all friendly...

My Summer animation is under control but moving slowly. A separate blog is in progress to document my process for those of you interested. My internship continues to be educational and fulfilling. Seeing projects you've worked on broadcasted on national television is surreal.

Care to see me in a magazine article? Read Up:


Do I look like somebody famous? Hopefully I will someday. Stay tuned for more excitement and adventure, at codywalzel.blogspot.com!

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