Friday, November 6, 2009


My midterms went better than expected. My History of Art exam just sort-of came to me. I got an A on English and 4-d, plus compliments from the corresponding professors. I did not have an exam for Drawing, but I think I am in decent shape. Even the most hated of all classes, Light and Color Design, went incredibly smoothly. I still have a lot of working and improving to do, but I think I am on the right track for the semester finals.

Dear Family, I am depleted of supplies. I am in desperate need of the following items, if you can help with just one item, it would help tremendously, many are inexpensive individually. I will consider any help an early Christmas present:

This first one (paint) is by far the most important and urgent thing I need.

1. Golden Acrylic (must be this brand): Primary Magenta (Red), Primary Cyan (Blue), Canary Yellow, Black, Titanium White, Zinc White, (they come in 2 and 5 oz, I would be thrilled with either size)

As far as I know, there is no set containing just these colors, so they must be purchased individually. Any secondary
set (orange, purple, green), tertiary set (red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, indigo, violet) or
neutrals other than black and white (greys, browns, and various umbers) CAN NOT be used. I have to make all my
colors from the primary's, so any other paint colors would just go to waste.
2.Col-Erase pencils (color pencils that can be erased) light blue (and I would like a few other colors to choose from as well, but the light blue is most important)
3. Plastic Palette: Can be any type. Any brand. Nothing fancy required, just need a place to mix my paint (other than cardboard)
4. 11X14 or 14x17 Bristol Pad (Regular)
5. 18x24 Newsprint Rough Surface Sketchpad (Any number of pages or brand)
6. Golden Acrylic: White Gesso (I don't need more than 8 oz to last me through next semester)
7. 8x12 or 8x11 1/2 sketch book
8. 8x12 or 11x14 or 14x17 Tracing Paper
9. 18x 24 Sketch pad, (not newsprint. I have found that Penny Sketch is the cheapest, but this may not be true everywhere. Also the pads have varying numbers of pages, so what may seem cheaper may actually just have half the number of pages, so watch out for that)
10. Pink Pearl Erasers (big pink erasers) and Kneaded Erasers (squishy grey erasers)
11. Compressed Charcoal Sticks- Square (preferably hard, any brand but General)
12. Vine Charcoal- Hard (any brand but General)
13. Index Cards- yep, even in art school, every college student uses them.
14. 1/2 inch masking tape
15. Conte Pencils- Black and white

My school runs the largest and most complete creative materials store in Brooklyn, or so their website says. The Pratt store is really close to campus, and I get a discount. So If you want to help but don't want to pay the cost of shipping, there are gift cards, and I have an account to which money can be added. Talk to me or my Mom for details on this.

If anyone is interested in my video project, it is in pixilation style (stop motion with people). I took about 600 pictures with a digital still camera and edited their duration to make it appear to be video. The sounds were recorded on a portable recorder and edited to the video. It can be found at (I suggest copy and pasting this into your address bar).

I should have the memory card to my camera very soon, so the next blog will have a link to pictures of art, Pratt, and more.