Friday, July 31, 2009


The plane ride to London was fun. I went with my girlfriend Hannah, who's Dad lives in London for business. The plan was to get up each day and buy a day pass which includes the underground throughout the city and the train into Liverpool station. Hannah's Dad had to work during the week, but was with us on Saturday and Sunday, and took us out to eat or watched t.v with us at night. There were so many places we went and things we did that I don't even know the name of, but I will attempt to convey what I can of the trip. After arriving around 12 London time, and taking a nap, Hannah's Dad showed us around the town where he lives, a suburb/village of London. Fortunately most of the museums and attractions turned out to be either free, or much cheaper with 2 for 1 deals.  We soon found that English candy was delicious, went on to experience the overwhelming extravagance and size of Harrods's, then took a stroll around the area and ate Lunch at the Wellington arch. Making our way to Trafalgar Square, we visited the national portrait gallery and decided not to go to the national gallery out of tiredness. Next was a visit to Big Ben and Parliament. Tate Britian, a ferry ride up the river Thames to Tate Modern, a walk across the millennium bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, and the business section of London filled our second day. An early train ride to Paris followed by the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame is how I spent Saturday in Europe. The next day we took it easy and visited an English shopping center, went to see Harry Potter, and went out to eat. The next few days were a series of outdoor markets, cool vintage stores, the Tower Bridge and aimless wondering through the streets of the city. Normally it would be dangerous to wonder through an unknown city, but London has no guns, and appears to be extremely safe and clean. On our wonderings we encountered the Portobello market, but thats the only one I knew the name of. On our last few days we were happy to find that the Science Museum was free and amazing, we were able to tour the historic Globe Theatre, and the famous Madam Tussaud's was worth the wait. After the expansive wax museum, we checked out Buckingham palace to wrap up the day. Our last day before the departure day was a great one to go out on. The Aquarium started off the day, followed by a movie museum, riverside performance art/entertainment, and a Salvador Dali exhibit. We got back in town for a last night dinner and to stock up on English candy for the ride home. For pics, go to: