Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Format

Too much happens for me to do all the exciting events in my life justice. I would probably bore everyone in the process. From this point forward, I will write about what you request. Text, comment, email, call, etc. and tell me what you want to read about. I look forward to your suggestions.

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  1. Cody -
    One of us is psychic. When I got your text the other day, I immediately went to the blog to see if you had added anything lately. Now you have. Take a look at the following link from the New York Times:


    It is called "One in a Million" and is a great way to tell a short story with photos and a VO. You could probably put one together in a couple of hours or on a Saturday - chronicling one of your NY adventures. Give it a try...and look at that web site. It's simple, but very effective.

    What projects are you working on? Doing any writing amongst all the art? Making some new friends? Take some still shots and tell some stories. Take care and hope to talk with you soon. - Bob Bernet