Monday, August 24, 2009

New York

Flight was same as all flights, not what your here for. I stepped out into the New York dusk and told the taxi driver to take me to Brooklyn. The New York experience started with the cab driver who couldn't speak English; communicating through nods, grunts, and hand gestures we made it to Brooklyn. As I drove into the heart of this living city the feeling flooded the cab for the first time, my possessions in the trunk, and no intentions of leaving, that this was my new home. Arriving at Pratt my high was immediately counteracted as the driver helped me unload.... ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE SCHOOL! Sounds like a mild inconvenience right? You'd think differently if you lugged over 100 pounds of luggage around the gates of your school on a hot night in the somewhat unfriendly section of Brooklyn only to arrive breathless and several hours late to sign in. After that, it has all been great. They have mandatory and optional seminars on every bit of info you'd ever want to know about the school and all things associated with it. We have gotten several free meals, an outdoor movie on one of our many expansive and aesthetically appetizing lawn areas, and a performance from an international comedian. Within the gates of this school it is a different universe, the atmosphere is unreal. The buildings are scattered throughout, the acres within the gate, ranging in age, style and history, connected by brick walkways. The trees drape scenic shade over the lawns and hills adorned with sculptures of all styles and concepts. The age and history of the buildings vary. There are touches of connivence of new technology and modern resources, but fortunately they do not overpower the charming historic aura of the institute. I will post pictures when I manage to get hold camera to take some with. As the administrators are just arriving, the volunteering upperclassmen have pretty much singlehandedly run the place for the past few days. Through my school I get free entrance to a lot of museums around the city. I also found out that this school was built in 1886 to be ready to turn into a shoe factory overnight were the school to fail. The original machinery has been preserved and still stands within the East Building. Also the book/movie "Art School Confidential" was written based on the author's experiences here as a student. Now I must ask for some help:

Your support is very much appreciated, I will take advantage of these opportunities that I am so fortunate to have.

If you want to write to me or send anything, my mailing address is:

James Cody Walzel
200 Willoughby Ave Unit 58932
Brooklyn, NY 11205-7521

If you want to contact me electronically call/text/email- 214-417-0356
Thank you for interest in my adventures, and all your support.

James Cody Walzel

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  1. It sounds like your colorful adventure has begun. It's hard to believe that your home can change so drastically in such a short period of time.

    As well as being a fine artist, you also tell a good story. Thanks for posting your mailing address. I'll let you know what I can find to send you. I may be able to help out, too.